The goal for the engine bay was an OEM industrial look achieved by focusing on the Cummins diesel. The engine, a 5.9 Cummins, was sourced from a 1996 Dodge pickup. After modifications, the engine has an estimated Horsepower of 450. and an estimated torque of 800 ft lbs. 

The engine was sent to the machine shop for a total rebuild that included upgraded pistons, a Colt Cams “Big Stick” Cam, BD Diesel exhaust manifold, larger injectors, turbo and an upgraded Pressure pump.  The engine was built to hold up to significantly greater engine modifications if so desired in the future. Engine accessories and fuel delivery were also upgraded with a larger fuel pump, alternator, and starter. The engine was then cleaned, epoxy primed and painted Cummins tan.

The transmission is a New Venture 4500 5-speed manual and was rebuilt with a larger main shaft by “The Gear Works”.  The transfer case is a New Process 241HD rebuilt by “The Gear Works”.  Both transmission and transfer case were epoxy primed and painted Cummins tan.  We fabricated a custom transmission and transfer case mount for the truck.

The truck also has a custom 4″ exhaust system, which includes the use of ceramic coating on the down pipe and a resonator muffler. In addition a BD Diesel exhaust brake was added. 

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