Max Kerher owner of Kerherco

Kehrerco was started in 2012 by Max Kehrer as an automotive fabrication company. Max has had a passion for cars, trucks and motorcycles from an early age. Max attended Renton Votech where he went through the auto body program. He also attended classes in auto repair and metal fabrication and received a welding certification. He then worked for Issaquah auto body for 4 years where he learned the production side of auto work. The next 3 years he worked for Dan Fabrication where he honed is metal fabrication skills. In the back of his mind he knew he wanted to branch out on his own. By this time he had established a strong reputation and decided it was time to realize his business vision. Upon doing so, he has since never lacked for an interesting customer project.

Client/ Truck Owner Bryan Paganelli

I have been involved in the automotive business and hobby for many years. I commissioned this build because I want a tow vehicle that is out of the ordinary. After talking to different contacts in the car community I settled on Max Kehrer of Kehrerco. I have been so impressed with this young man’s breath of talents and vision and feel fortunate to have entrusted my project to him. I played a small role in the build. Once Max learned of my restoration experience he allowed me to work on the truck in his shop under his guidance. To be directly involved in the creation of my truck and to have the opportunity to learn from someone I have great respect for has been an experience that I will always cherish.