Body Work on the 1974 Ford F250 Project

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the various enhancements we’ve made to the vehicle, including rust repair, fabrication, and the addition of accessories.

**Rust Repair**
Like many vintage vehicles, our client’s 1974 Ford F250 had suffered from the effects of time, leading to rust accumulation above the front window. Tackling this issue was our top priority. Our adept team conducted thorough rust repair, laying a solid and impeccable foundation for the upcoming modifications.

**Exterior Lighting**
We upgraded all lighting to LED. Additional lighting features added to the truck’s exterior include running lights on the front bumper, backup lights on the rear bumper, turn signals, and downlights in the mirrors, lights on the running boards, and under-rail lights in the bed. We opted to refine the side marker lights and reposition them in a subtler location. These sleek, energy-efficient markers not only uplift the vehicle’s aesthetics but also enhance nighttime driving visibility.

**Front Bumper Transformation**
The front bumper experienced a substantial transformation, yet retained its OEM essence. By merging the robustness of two stock front bumpers, we paid homage to the original design, enhancing its size and functionality. This revamped front bumper now features LED driving lights for improved visibility in dim settings. Its increased size provided room to conceal a heavy-duty 12,000 lb Smitybilt winch, enhancing the truck’s versatility for both work and recreation.

**Coatings for Color and Protection**
Our dedication to excellence permeated every facet of the bodywork. After the modifications, we meticulously applied epoxy primer to the vehicle, ensuring durability and resilience against environmental factors. We utilized various products to both protect and beautify the vehicle, like color-tinted bed liner beneath the cab and in the bed. For sound insulation, we used Lizardskin coating on the cab floor. We chose a high-quality base paint without flake or pearls to retain the vintage truck look. We then added several clear coat layers to safeguard the truck for the foreseeable future. For added protection, we applied a clear coat to the most vulnerable surfaces, guarding them against potential chips while maintaining their newly painted appearance.

**Customized Mirrors**
We tailored the Ford F250 mirrors to align with our client’s specifications. Heating elements were incorporated to ensure clarity during colder months. For enhanced safety, turn signal arrows were integrated into the mirror casing. Additionally, a down-lit Ford emblem was added to the mirror, nodding to the vehicle’s legacy.

**Stylish Grill Upgrades**
Both the grill surround and inserts underwent modifications to achieve a more polished and unified look. By matching the grill surround with the body color, we brought unity to its appearance. The painted grill inserts further accentuated the vehicle’s overall aesthetic.

**Subtle Side Strip**
To infuse a unique touch, we crafted and embedded a discreet strip along the truck’s sides. This accentuates the vehicle’s lines without overshadowing its timeless allure.

**Bed and Tool Box Enhancements**
The bed of the Ford F250 received its fair share of attention. We equipped it with Mac’s tie-downs on the sides, bulkhead, and floor, facilitating secure cargo transport for any journey. Additionally, swing-out toolboxes were seamlessly incorporated into the bed, providing practical storage without sacrificing cargo space. For enhanced nighttime usability, we added under-rail lighting, effectively brightening the bed area.

**Other Enhancements**
We replaced all the glass, ensuring pristine visibility for both the driver and passengers. Furthermore, a custom gas filler door was crafted onto the exterior of the bed.

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