Engine and Drive Train Modifications

The goal for the engine bay was an OEM industrial look achieved by focusing on the Cummins diesel. The engine, a 5.9 Cummins, was sourced from a 1996 Dodge pickup. After modifications, the engine has an estimated Horsepower of 450. and an estimated torque of 800 ft lbs.  The engine was sent to the machine […]

Body Modifications

Body Work on the 1974 Ford F250 Project In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the various enhancements we’ve made to the vehicle, including rust repair, fabrication, and the addition of accessories. **Rust Repair** Like many vintage vehicles, our client’s 1974 Ford F250 had suffered from the effects of time, leading to rust accumulation […]


Transforming the Interior of the 1974 Ford F250 Restomod Restoring a classic vehicle hinges on the magic of the details. With the 1974 Ford F250 restomod, every inch of its interior has undergone a meticulous transformation, fusing vintage charm with modern comfort and convenience. Journey with us through the interior modifications that breathed new life […]

Suspension and Frame Modifications

A Journey of Frame and Suspension Modifications on the 1974 Ford F250 Restomod: Suspension and Frame Modifications: **Frame Modifications:** The restomod process began with a meticulous disassembly of the original frame, followed by comprehensive media blasting to eliminate years of wear and tear. Since the frame serves as the project’s foundation, reinforcing it was vital […]